Nutrition care for a healthier, happier team

Looking for an easy way to keep your team healthy?

Stove is a personalised nutrition work benefit that can help. With our easy-to-use, chat-based service you and your team can get tailored advice from a Registered Dietitian on how to manage their nutrition and reach optimum health.

Your team will be more energized, motivated and productive. Sign up today for a stress-free way of improving team productivity within your workplace!

Support starts at just £15 pmm with complementary screenings. Get started on introducing nutrition care with Stove now.

Over 1 in 4 U.K workers are living with a chronic illness

What does this mean for you?

6 Hours lost
in absenteeism per employee each month
11% productivity loss
due to a poor diet
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Introduce end to end nutrition care today!


We know that everyone is different – that's why our team of dietitians provide individualized attention so you get the perfect support plan. Our approach isn't just some fad diet or one-size-fits-all solution – we monitor your progress every step of the way to ensure you get the personalized care you deserve.


You're in control of your health and wellness journey. Enjoy flexible options for learning about nutrition that can fit any budget or preference - from tailored, community, 1:1 chat, or video, with one of our professional dietitians. There's no long-term commitment either; each session is chargeable on the month so you decide when it fits best.


Get top-notch care without breaking your budget. Our chat-based service offers premium attention starting at a mere £15 per month. Plus, with our food marketplace, your team can stock up on healthful items in bulk – making achieving wellness easier and more cost effective than ever before.

Evidence based

Stove dietitians go above and beyond to ensure the best quality of care. Unlike more nutritionists or health coaches our professionals are legally registered and have years of experience in the NHS, so you can trust that every step you take will be based on the highest possible standards.

Good nutrition and good performance go hand in hand - let’s chat

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Can we part pay for the solution?

Yes - we simply issue discount codes per employee to the value you wish to contribute to the service.

How are you different to other nutrition programmes?

We only work with Registered Dietitians - unline ‘health coaches’ or ‘nutritionists’. Dietitians are regulated by law (HCPC) and governed by an ethical code to ensure they work to the highest standard.

What features can we expect from the app?

Lots of very exciting features coming very soon! Subscriptions for large discounts on 1000s of health products, tailored nutrition programmes, dietry logs, challenges and health blogs.

What’s involved in setting this up?

It’s very easy - send through email addresses of employees that have opted in and they’ll get their own access code to use when booking a dietitian.


Hi 👋,
I'm Emma, a Registered Dietitian with Stove.
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